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Project Neutral is currently working in these cities, with the organizations below as the Local Activator Partners. If your city is not on this list, please let us know by completing this short form.

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City of London


Active & Green Communities is a community engagement program linking the environment, health, household finances, and community wellbeing to build a more sustainable and resilient London.

Active & Green Communities is a NeighbourGood London Initiative.

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Emerge Guelph

Responsible for rolling out the Project Neutral Program in Guelph, eMERGE is working with the following neighbourhoods to engage its citizens and change the conversation about climate change!

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In Toronto, a group of residents in two neighbourhoods, Riverdale and the Junction, have pioneered Project Neutral.

What we have accomplished to date:

Over the last three years (2010 – 2013), over 1,000 households have completed the Household Carbon Footprint Survey.  80% of participants who completed the survey all three years achieved an average 20% reduction per household - or 5 tonnes in greenhouse gas emissions per household. 

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